The Fidelix Linux Distribution

Simple, Stable, and Secure

About Fidelix

Fidelix is a light weight Linux distribution that focuses on proactive security. It aims to eliminate unnecessary code and is targeted primarily towards servers and embedded systems.



Includes these packages in the standard installation (this list is not exhaustive):

At least a minimal set of daemons will be included in the base system in the future.

Eventually, the plan is to support pkgsrc from NetBSD. This will (hopefully) provide over 22 000 packages in addition to the base system for users who require or would like additional functionality.



After working on Cucumber Linux for over three years, I began to realize that the distribution had grown too large and convoluted for such a small development team keep up with. I decided that if I had a chance to do it all over, I would place less emphasis on desktop usage and more emphasis on server/embedded usage. Additionally, I would greatly reduce the code base of the base system and opt for lighter weight packages where possible to further reduce the codebase and decrease the maintainence burden. By a work of fate, I ended up with a large amount of free time in March and April of 2020 and I decided to give these ideas a try.