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CONSPY(1) User Commands CONSPY(1)

conspy - manual page for conspy 1.31.1

conspy [-vcsndfFQ] [-x COL] [-y LINE] [CONSOLE_NO]

BusyBox v1.31.1 (2020-04-30 13:38:01 EDT) multi-call binary.

A text-mode VNC like program for Linux virtual consoles. To exit, quickly press ESC 3 times.

Don't send keystrokes to the console
Create missing /dev/{tty,vcsa}N
Open a SHELL session
Black & white
Dump console to stdout
Follow cursor
Assume console is on a framebuffer device
Disable exit on ESC-ESC-ESC
-x COL
Starting column

-y LINE Starting line

April 2020 Fidelix 1.0