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FTPD(1) User Commands FTPD(1)

ftpd - manual page for ftpd 1.31.1

ftpd [-wvS] [-a USER] [-t N] [-T N] [DIR]

BusyBox v1.31.1 (2020-04-30 13:38:01 EDT) multi-call binary.

FTP server. Chroots to DIR, if this fails (run by non-root), cds to it. Should be used as inetd service, inetd.conf line:

21 stream tcp nowait root ftpd ftpd /files/to/serve

tcpsvd -vE 21 ftpd /files/to/serve
Allow upload
No login required, client access occurs under ftpd's UID

-a USER Enable 'anonymous' login and map it to USER

Log errors to stderr. -vv: verbose log
Log errors to syslog. -SS: verbose log

-t,-T N Idle and absolute timeout

April 2020 Fidelix 1.0