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HDPARM(1) User Commands HDPARM(1)

hdparm - manual page for hdparm 1.31.1


BusyBox v1.31.1 (2020-04-30 13:38:01 EDT) multi-call binary.
Get/set fs readahead
Set drive read-lookahead flag (0/1)
Get/set bus state (0 == off, 1 == on, 2 == tristate)
Set Advanced Power Management setting (1-255)
Get/set IDE 32-bit IO setting
Check IDE power mode status
Get/set using_dma flag
Enable/disable drive defect-mgmt
Flush buffer cache for device on exit
Display drive geometry
Display terse usage information
Display drive identification
Detailed/current information directly from drive
Get/set keep_settings_over_reset flag (0/1)
Set drive keep_features_over_reset flag (0/1)
Set drive doorlock (0/1) (removable harddisks only)
Get/set multiple sector count
Get/set ignore-write-errors flag (0/1)
Set PIO mode on IDE interface chipset (0,1,2,3,4,...)
Set drive prefetch count
Get/set DMA tagged-queuing depth (if supported)
Get/set readonly flag (DANGEROUS to set)
Register an IDE interface (DANGEROUS)
Set standby (spindown) timeout
Perform device read timings
Perform cache read timings
Get/set unmaskirq flag (0/1)
Unregister an IDE interface (DANGEROUS)
Defaults; same as -mcudkrag for IDE drives
Display program version and exit immediately
Perform device reset (DANGEROUS)
Set drive write-caching flag (0/1) (DANGEROUS)
Tristate device for hotswap (0/1) (DANGEROUS)
Set IDE xfer mode (DANGEROUS)
Put IDE drive in standby mode
Put IDE drive to sleep
Disable Seagate auto-powersaving mode
Reread partition table
April 2020 Fidelix 1.0