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INSIGNIA(1) User Commands INSIGNIA(1)

insignia - create and verify cryptographic signatures

insignia <-ghsv> [-b BITS] [-k KEY] [-p PUBKEY] <FILE>...

Insignia signs and verifies cryptographic signatures on files and generates cryptographic keys.


-b bits Causes the RSA keys to be generated with the specified number
of bits instead of the default of 4096.
Print the SHA256 fingerprint of the specified public key.
Generate an RSA keypair for signing and verification.
Displays this help message.
-k keyfile
Specifies the file containing the private key for signing files.
-p pubkeyfile
Specified the file containing the public key for verifying signatures.
Operate in sign mode, signing any files
Operate in verify mode and verify the signatures in the specified files.

Sign the file bar.txt using the private key in foo.key:
insignia -k foo.key -s bar.txt
Verify the signature file bar.txt.sha512sig using the public key in
insignia -v -p bar.txt.sha512sig
Generate a new 8192 bit RSA keypair:
insignia -g -b 8192 -k foo.key -p
Print the fingerprint of the public key
insignia -f -p

Insignia was written by Scott Court (


Insignia first appeared in Fidelix 0.2.

June 2020 Fidelix