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IPROUTE(1) User Commands IPROUTE(1)

iproute - manual page for iproute 1.31.1

iproute list|flush|add|del|change|append|replace|test ROUTE

BusyBox v1.31.1 (2020-04-30 13:38:01 EDT) multi-call binary.

iproute list|flush SELECTOR

SELECTOR := [root PREFIX] [match PREFIX] [proto RTPROTO] PREFIX := default|ADDR[/MASK]

iproute get ADDR [from ADDR iif IFACE]

[oif IFACE] [tos TOS]

iproute add|del|change|append|replace|test ROUTE

ROUTE := NODE_SPEC [INFO_SPEC] NODE_SPEC := PREFIX [table TABLE_ID] [proto RTPROTO] [scope SCOPE] [metric METRIC] INFO_SPEC := NH OPTIONS NH := [via [inet|inet6] ADDR] [dev IFACE] [src ADDR] [onlink] OPTIONS := [mtu [lock] NUM] [advmss [lock] NUM]
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