The Fidelix Linux Distribution

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STAT(1) User Commands STAT(1)

stat - manual page for stat 1.31.1

stat [OPTIONS] FILE...

BusyBox v1.31.1 (2020-04-30 13:38:01 EDT) multi-call binary.

Display file (default) or filesystem status

-c FMT
Use the specified format
Display filesystem status
Follow links
Terse display

Access rights in octal
Access rights in human readable form
Number of blocks allocated (see %B)
Size in bytes of each block reported by %b
Device number in decimal
Device number in hex
Raw mode in hex
File type
Group ID
Group name
Number of hard links
Inode number
File name
File name, with -> TARGET if symlink
I/O block size
Total size in bytes
Major device type in hex
Minor device type in hex
User ID
User name
Time of last access
Time of last access as seconds since Epoch
Time of last modification
Time of last modification as seconds since Epoch
Time of last change
Time of last change as seconds since Epoch

Free blocks available to non-superuser
Total data blocks
Total file nodes
Free file nodes
Free blocks
File System ID in hex
Maximum length of filenames
File name
Block size (for faster transfer)
Fundamental block size (for block counts)
Type in hex
Type in human readable form
April 2020 Fidelix 1.0